My Dream Home ~ Still Dreaming

So, I’m in my 4th decade on Earth wondering if I will ever own a little bit of land. A bit of land to grow some food on, with some grass to sink my feet into. For now I’m on the rental treadmill. It has its pros and cons.

Today is one of those days I long for my own home. I don’t want a huge place, nor does it have to be worth a fortune. I just want a chance to enjoy some tranquility.

Parrot tree dream home

I’m hopeful that one day I will experience the great <insert name of country> dream.

Unfortunately, like many, the need to earn an income to obtain goods and services that aren’t easily self-sustainable brings me back to my present reality.

The desire for modern conveniences requires me to live in reasonable proximity to a hospital and to earn a decent income to pay for things like insurance, motor vehicle maintenance (seeing that now cars have computers, you can’t easily fix yourself anymore) and other essentials.

In the meantime, my husband and I share a vision of a dream home…

My Dream Home Imagined

You will find welcome and generosity behind the well-manicured 8 foot-high garden hedges. Past our Japanese style gardens, enter our warehouse sized mountain retreat that we call home. Walking through the rough-hewn timber doors, you enter the large and uncluttered multipurpose living space. Timber, treated but raw in appearance, is the main feature, it rises from the polished concrete floor in support columns joining overhead in large exposed beams and stained wood paneled ceiling. The furniture is chunky and over-sized yet soft and inviting, utilizing the natural features of the wood to draw out its appeal.

Separated from the living space by a small low partition counter is the cooking area, in which sparkles utilitarian appliances, all faced with chrome and polished steel. The aroma of home baked breads and biscuits still linger.

Outside, you can hear the sounds of running water coming from the “River Garden” and the calls and songs of the birds that live in our gardens. Leading towards the back of the home is a short corridor. You will find a slate floored bathroom and toilet along with the laundry and four decent sized bedrooms all with built in wardrobes. The exposed wooden theme is tempered here by the needs of privacy for our four children and the walls are lined, however soft neutral colors maintain the natural appearance.

Returning to the living space, you see another doorway leading to the side of our home. Through it, you enter a magnificent study/library with floor to ceiling bookcases, a writing desk, stuffed Indian cotton chaise lounges and cunningly hidden technology in the form of wireless connected computer workstations that seem to blend into the room’s decor, the exposed wood theme. The room has large French windows in the external wall that invites the Zen garden into the room to aid in contemplation and relaxation.

Entering the living space once more your eyes come to rest on what you may think is the last feature of our home. Concealed behind a short return is a circular staircase. This leads to the parents retreat, our sanctuary. Upstairs, towards the rear and above the children’s rooms is our space. At the top of the stairs is a lounge area for sitting and relaxing. Bohemian style furnishings, incense braziers and candles give a Bedouin feel to the space and the exposed and raked ceiling gives the impression that you are sitting under the canopy of large trees.

Walking past this you step through the walk-through wardrobe, which is large enough to accommodate two people getting dressed without getting in each others way, you enter the master bedroom. The main feature is the king size hand-made log and rail bed.

A Bang and Olafsen entertainment center is strategically placed for optimum viewing and listening pleasure. This entertainment center is linked to the entire house and pipes music and vision to screens and speakers inset in walls and ceilings in all rooms. Beyond the bed your breath is taken away by the magnificent view through the valley to the mountains beyond and the beauty of the Japanese contemplation glade.

Off the master bedroom is a lounge deck, with retractable tent like sides and awning. Soft natural colored diaphanous silk hangings waft in the breeze and the flambeaux and citronella candles provide an atmosphere of peace without troublesome insects. Here you can indulge in sun-baking or stargazing. Above the downstairs wet areas is the ensuite. This bathroom area includes our spa, sauna and deep Japanese style bath with twin detachable shower-heads. Again, the slate and exposed timber is a feature of this room.

All rooms have a view, each with its own setting, designed and nurtured to promote health, wealth and well-being to all who visit and stay with us. Our home is our castle and we willingly share it with all who call on our hospitality.

 * * *

What’s your vision of a dream home?

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